Cubase 7.5 - UR22 Playback problems

Need some help. When I plug in my guitar into my UR22 I can hear it in the headphones and monitors but when I try to play it back after recording I cannot hear anything… also just an fyi I cannot hear the plugin (effect) while recording so I am assuming what I am hearing is somehow just the what’s in the UR22 box. When I record I can see where the audio recorded but nothing on playback. All inputs/outputs look to be in order with the correct drivers. Any help would be appreciated. I was hoping to record this weekend.


Hello Scott,

Do you mean you can see the recorded waveform, or just a file recorded somewhere? If you can see a waveform, but it doesn’t sound when you play, you need to tweak your VST connections settings and/or your audio interface’s control panel. For example you can turn off your Control Room and see if there is a sound played back. I don’t know much about UR22, but it can happen with any audio interface. If you can’t see a waveform, then nothing is recorded and you need to tweak your VST Connections again! All I can think of is an input/output setting problem.

Good luck.

Did you monitor-disabled the track after making your recording ?

Excellent point.

Hi ScottD,

you should also make sure, that the “Mix” knob on your UR 22 is set to “DAW” and not to “Input”. That is probably why you cannot listen to the playback and also why you can’t listen to the FX while recording.