Cubase 7.5 using Icon Qcon

I’m starting a separate thread for using the MCU protocol with the Qcon. I’m sure Icon sold at least 5 or 6 of these units, and the odds are 1 or 2 might even be Cubase 7.5 users.

With 7.5 so many things are different, and I’m stumbling around in the dark so maybe 1 or 2 other users might contribute some discoveries?

First thing is track shift buttons don’t work as before. The bank 8 now only shifts 1 track at a time…except sometimes it does shift by 8 tracks. I think it depends on what mode you are in, but I can’t figure it out completely.

Secondly the channel shift (1 track at a time) doesn’t do that any more and those buttons are used depending on what other buttons are pressed. For example when pressing VSTI with a loaded VSTI then press the channel shift now takes you to the parameters of that VSTI. With the pan button scrolling then when pressing channel shift takes you to output bus, monitor, input bus, input gain and input phase.

There are a ton more changes. But I need to get back to work.

MCU Functionality has changed, check it here:
I’m still at C6.5, so can’t comment on the changes.

It has changed, but you get the option to keep it as the same way it was before Cubase 7.5. Just a couple mouse clicks in Cubase and you are back to the “old” MCU protocol.

I made this post for anyone using the Qcon Pro which uses MCU protocol, not the Mackie since HughH created that post for Mackie users. Even though both use the same protocol, they are very different controllers with different function buttons etc.

Click on Post #2.