Cubase 7.5, Win 7x64, and a MOTU MIDI Express XT usb?

I have been reading about MIDI timing in Cubase and Windows and I am finding a lot of older information and getting confused about what does and doesn’t apply to current set ups.
I am running Win 7 x64, Cubase 7.5.3, and a MOTU MIDI Express XT usb midi I/O. My audio I/O is a MOTU 896HD firewire running at the minimum sized 64 sample buffer.

I am hoping to set everything up so the MIDI has the minimum jitter and latency. I got everything running very quickly after I installed Cubase last week and the MIDI was working but I feel like the timing isn’t as tight as it can be. I was playing a Roland keyboard controller into Halion SE and could hear and see very small timing differences with the MIDI recording. My audio is synced very well, and I am using ASIO latency compensation with a manual record offset correction so that my audio syncs sample accurately on a audio loop out to in test.

I am wondering if anybody with this combo of OS and gear might suggest what they feel are the best settings in the Cubase 7.5 MIDI dialogs.

I have been reading about “Timestamps”, “Direct Music drivers”, and other details but I am having trouble finding out if my MOTU is using Direct Music or Windows MIDI drivers. I found an old 2009 web page entry that had specific instructions for best case use of the MOTU Express XT, but it seems as if the Cubase dialog is different enough now that the suggestions don’t seem to be applicable. Reading the older articles also made me wonder if MOTU’s drivers have changed in a way that makes the ideas, that I am reading about, less pertinent.

I appreciate any help or advice you can offer.

Thank You.