Cubase 7.5 / Win7 Pro / multiple audio interfaces

I watched a tutorial video the other evening that showed setting up more than one audio interface and speaker setup in Cubase but haven’t been able to find it again now that I have Cubase 7.5 installed. I use a Lexicon Lambda USB interface primarily, but would like to be able to use a smaller speaker setup for comparison monitoring. There are 5 different audio devices available on my system - built-in sound interface that offers HDMI, S/PID (???), 5.1, stereo out l&R (1/8 inch jack) and the Lexicon Lambda.

Cubase 7.5 appears to only “see” one device at a time, regardless of which I set as default. They are all set to non-exclusive use in the sound module in Control Panel. I have used the headphone jack in the Lambda to feed the secondary system but cannot control it in Cubase.

I searched a thread dealing with similar and it appears the consensus opinion is that Cubase Win cannot do what I want…

What say you?


there is no possibility to use multiple interfaces at the same time, afaik
this is the same with cubase, ableton live, protools and all other DAW´s

You would need an ASIO aggregator.

There are 2 ways to achieve this:

  1. Use ASIO4ALL drivers. You can combine multiple audio interfaces into 1 interface and then use ASIO4ALL in Cubase as the hardware driver
  2. Buy a hardware audio interface that is able to combine multiple hardware audio interfaces into 1 on driver level. I think focusrite has stuff like that. But I’m not that familiar with hardware interfaces at the moment

Thanks for the replies. This is as I suspected. What really baffles me is that even with the other interface set as system default, Cubase only sees the Lambda ASIO interface. It’s not really a big deal, but I like to check my mix against all the monitors I have.

I will look into an interface that can combine all of them. I know I saw it done in a video tutorial. I didn’t bookmark it thinking it would be in history, but alas it is not.


Cubase only sees that one, because you don’t have ASIO drivers for the other devices :wink:

Try installing ASIO4ALL, if it’s only to listen… it’ll work :slight_smile:

Thanks, MaX… I will give that a try. I thought about the other interface drivers not being ASIO.


Just be a little cautious as if you have a heavy mix going on your lambda with it’s asio driver there is no guarantee that your built in soundcard will play it back as well as the lexicon does.

IMO you would be better off using a cheap line level switch outside the DAW to switch your monitors for now and start thinking about upgrading to an interface with multiple outs for each set of monitors or for a decent monitor controller.
Steinberg’s own UR28M is a great example of hardware multi monitor integration, though any interface with multi outs can be made to work.