Cubase 7.5 with Midi messages

Hello, I worked with Cubase 5, now I just do an update for Cubase 7.5. I’m having problems with Midi system: my master keyboard triggers the opening of some windows and other functions such as recording, etc. … from notes on the keyboard! …And I also use a Behringer BCF2000 controller, I added “Mackie Control” as I did before with Cubase 5, but the controller works half (faders do not work)
Does someone could inform me about the trimmings that I must apply to use my master keyboard and my controller normally?
thank you very much

What master keyboard are you using? Seems like it may have been set up to send out specific messages that have been assigned to particular keys? Try resetting it to default as a first step.

Thank you very much, I’ll try that tomorrow. I use the keyboard Roland A-37, it works perfectly with Cubase 5.
My controller is a Behringer BCF 2000, I applied the mode “Mackie Control” in the management of devices in Cubase 5. It was perfect. I noticed that when I clicked on “Mackie Control”, it showed “mixer”. Now in Cubase 7.5, it displays “Cubase” or “compatibility”

Thank you for the advice, I’ll be back tomorrow;)

Set “Mackie Control” to compatibility mode.
Possibly your master Keyboard is in Omni mode, or you might need to go into MIDI filter and check your SysEx

Thank you very much Outsounder and BriHar, for your advice, thanks to you I managed my configuration. Indeed, my keyboard was in “omni” mode (“Upper” button on the user “layer” was enabled), and I applied the “compatibility” setting with the “Mackie Control”, it works perfectly … . I also forgot to enable “BCF2000 port” on midi output settings in “remote consoles”
Thousand thank you, this forum helps a lot and it’s very quickly… so gooo music :slight_smile: