Cubase 7.5 won't close in WINDOWS 10...

When I click on the x on the top right hand corner to close Cubase down, the application will not close down unless I close it in task manager.
Ok,Windows 10 has only just come out so here is the first task for you Cubase programmers to sort out for an update for Cubase 7.5 users who use Windows 10.
Richard Steed

Please note:

I’ve used compatibility view as windows 8 in Cubase 7.5 so it’s working ok so far. It still takes a while to close down though but it’s great for the time being.

Does anyone else on here use Compatibility view as if you’re using Cubase on earlier windows versions on Windows 10?

I’ve tried Cubase 7.07 with an equally unsupported TASCAM US-1800 and so far I’ve not encountered the slightest problems. I’m running that in Win7 compatibility mode and used all the tricks on the cheat slip like optimising the Performance Options and giving Cubase.exe real-time priority. I set my anti-virus to silent mode and told Windows Defender to go grab a coffee while I’m working. That prog eats a lot of chip, and I don’t mean tacos! I should add that I hardly record more than 12 mono audio tracks at once and hardly ever more than 4 tracks of MIDI. We’re a rock band. I’m not upgrading my studio computer yet.

i have freshly upgraded cubase 8.5 and have the same problem. i click X and it won’t close, it just stops responding