Cubase 7.5 Wont Connect to Yamaha N12

My friend hired me to set up Cubase 7.5 on his new Windows 8.1 PC, and Yamaha N12 mixing board. Previously he was on Windows XP, and everything worked fine. He bought this new Dell computer, and I installed a firewire adapter using one of the PCI slots, as the N12 does not have USB. That seems to have worked fine. The issue is that although the computer recognizes the Yamaha (it shows up in the device manager), Cubase will not recognize or connect to it. I’ve been trying to figure this out for 3 days now, I’ve tried various drivers, the Microsoft legacy firewire drivers, and even had a Steinburg tech remote access the PC. The tech was unable to figure it out as well. He refered me to a Yamaha specialist line, but everytime I call them I get a message saying that their systems are down, and to call back later…

Does anyone have any advice? I am pretty experienced with computers, (better with unix systems though) but I have never worked with this kind of hardware before. Any help would be appreciated.

See pdfs at

Also ,it prefers FW cards with the Texas Instruments chip.

Thanks for the response. I did install those drivers and tools, and also the steinberg remote technician verified my setup. I also am using a Texas Instrument firewire card. Any idea what else may be causing this?

Just quick thoughts …
-Try a substitute cable or different FW device with same cable ,
-Disable any other sound cards in Win Device Manager ,
-Ensure N12 is turned on before booting and opening Cubase ,
-Try opening Cubase with Admin Permission ( r click option ) from it’s file location and not the Win 8.1 Start Menu ,
-Trawl through - only 148 pages ! :stuck_out_tongue: