Cubase 7, 64-bit and Faderport?

I am not seeing the Faderport show up as a native device. It looks like I have to add it as a Mackie HUI, but then some odd behavior shows up, like I can’t just select any track in Cubase and have the Faderport follow.

Has anyone had luck using the Faderport with Cubase 7 and 64-bit?


I had a Faderport some years ago that I was using in my pre-x64 days, with both Cubase and Sonar. Unfortunately, I never got it to work acceptably when I switched to Sonar x64 first (version 7 IIRC) and then Cubase x64 (version 5.5 IIRC.) I first replaced it with an Alphatrack and then with a set of Steinberg CMC modules (the Alphatrack is still working with Sonar X2.)

Works great here, you have to move the .dll file from the faderpost folder into the device folder of cubase. i forget exactly where it is as im not in front of my studio comp at the moment, when im back in my studio later ill update this post on where exactly to put the .dll file

but it does work very well



Works great here as well… (after copying the dll-file)

I missed an important detail, whoops.

OS = MacOS

Apparently this is a known issue. There is no native mode for faderport on Cubase 64-bit/Mac.

As a result, Cubase treats it as a Mackie HUI, which means it gets confused by tracks that are in separate “banks”, i.e. in different groups of eight. To make things more confusing, it isn’t always groups of eight, so if you have 18 tracks, the “banks” might be groups of 6 or 8. This was confirmed by presonus support.

So. Any suggestions for an alternative that works with Mac/64-bit/Cubase?

Steinberg CMC series.

Do you have iPad?

Ugh! Just “flipped the switch” to 64 bit and ran into this Faderport issue myself. Afraid all we can do right now is email Presonus to update their drivers for 64-bit mac DAW support.

(In regards to using Steinberg CMC or iPad as fader, the reason most people buy these type of remotes is for the physical feedback that a real, mechanical fader provides when mixing. “Pushing” your finger along a smooth surface isn’t quite the same and no better than using a mouse, IMO.)