Cubase 7 64 bit + jBridge

Core i7 @ 4.20GHz
12gb 1600MHz Dominator RAM
6 Vertex 2 SSD’s

Everything water cooled. Stress tested.

Two days prior to the release of cubase 7 - I freshly installed windows 7 sp1 64bit, I performed a few tweaks to have windows running on its barebones.

December 5th - 12:30pm - I pay for cubase 7 and download it. Install it. Spend a whole day installing every single vst plugin I have!

The vst’s that are not 64 bit natively, I have jBridged.

Have any of you guys gone down this route and are using 64bit windows, 64bit cubase 7 with jBridge?

If so - any problems??

no problem here with virtual guitarist 2 & jbridge & some few others

is jbridge even needed anymore? I thought cubase 7 supported 32 and 64bit plugins with a built-in bridge?

let say jbridge working better in some case ! & some plugins will be never x64 like virtual guitarist & virtual bassist (for steinberg part) !