Cubase 7/7.5 parallel to Cubase 6 on the same machine

Hi all,
today I got my Cubase 7 / 7.5 update to the existing Cubase 6 installation. I would like to ramp up to Cubase 7.5 step by step and therefore my question: does Cubase 7.5 run in parallel to a Cubase 6 installation? (both 64bit) Any known issues?

I am running on a Windows 7 64Bit machine with 16GB RAM and enough disk space.

thanks a lot


I’ve had C6 and C7 installed at the same time without any apparent problems. Just make sure they are installed in their respective, own folders.


I have 5 and 7.5 running no probs

Aloha guys, just to chime in

Same here.

Have C5.5/C6.5/C7.02/C7.07 and C7.5 living/running on the same ax (see sig).

I cannot seem to sync them (tho’ that might be possible)
but the point is they all live and play well together here.

Good Luck!

I have 5, 6, 7, 7.5 installed at the same time, no problems.

I have 6.5.5 (64 bits & 32 bits) , 7.0.7 (64 bits) and 7.5.20 (64 bits) at the same machine and another machine with 6.5.5 (64 bits) and 7.5.20 (64 bits).

No issues here.