Cubase 7/8 Wishes

I might as well do this right, bring some finality to it, for me. So here are my personal top 5 FR’s for Cubase 7/8… things I would “prefer” that would be attractive to me as a potentially returning customer. These requests are being made directly to Steinberg so, if people chose to discuss or argue or debate the value of them here, I’ll pass on that conversation personally.

I’ll try to be as concise as possible.

1. I would like very much to be able to directly move mixer channels around. If I were to pick the single most annoying thing (for me personally, mmv) that would be it. No real explanation should be required but, drag a channel (or the selected channels) and drop it somewhere else, to a new horizontal position, directly. My preferences for how I want mixer channels arranged at any given moment during mixing change frequently so that would help me personally, lot. Frankly, I avoid (as best I can) mixing in any software that doesn’t allow that because it becomes very irritating, for me personally, mmv as usual.

2. I would like very much for some kind or reasonable improvement to the current “Can/Hide” paradigm for the mixer. It’s obvious, because it’s actually there, that someone during development decided that it would be useful to hide random mixer channels at will … and I agree. Where I don’t agree is with the method. It’s too restrictive to be of any real practical use for me so I never really used it.

3. I would like very much to be able to be able to directly hide tracks in the arrange screen. Obviously, that also requires a way to bring them back, to make them visible again, since they won’t be there to see anymore in arrange. Do that however you want, doesn’t matter to me really, as long as I can hide arrange tracks at will with very little effort and make them visible again with little effort.

Since we’re dealing with groups of things… it should probably also have some kind of preset system to hide / show groups of tracks all once, show all my drums (only), show all my vocals (only), show all the tracks in the project.

4. I would very much like for some kind of general (practical) update to the plugin UI window. It’s not that bad really, it’s just a bit limited. If (when) I’m working in arrange without the mixer or the inspector open I really would like to have the flexibility and access right there on the plugin UI, to reorder plugs, to access any plug, to duplicate plugs to another channel, without ever opening the inspector or the mixer… or traveling to them.

5. I would very much like to put more than one automation envelope on a single track lane. There are envelopes that I may edit together as a group (cut, paste, nudge, whatever, scenes) and having to have 8-10 automation lanes open to do that means having to also unnecessarily manage the larger workspace. So it would be preferable to not have to do that… to optionally put or group automation envelopes where ever you may want them that might be beneficial.

This may need a visible example so here it is, multiple envelopes, not even from the same parent track, all on one track lane subject to basic editing as a group or subject to complex editing individually as normal.

That’s all… for the “top 5”. None of them are major things alone… in isolation.

Anyway, I’ve owned Cubase since Cubase Atari / midi and I’ve (I think anyway) gotten good results with every version right up to version 5.5, where I recently got off of the train … so it does exactly what it’s advertised to do. Thanks, I do appreciate that. The selected FR’s above aren’t really “feature” related so much … Cubase does just about everything under the sun, they’re actually more related to methodology and interface interaction.

See #2 above. Cubase already has the “feature” … to hide mixer channels. It’s the methodology which is (imo) not that great, which makes it (for me) virtually useless. See FR #3. Cubase has this “feature”. You can hide tracks in the upper track list, but it’s clunky and unwieldy, the methodology. So … maybe focus more on methodology, not features. FR #1? Sure, it’s there… you can move mixer channels… by moving arrange tracks, unwieldy methodology, imo.

When things become “equal” generally speaking - and all pro DAW’s are generally equal, you can do great work in any of them - the practical differences become more about methodology and user interaction and (imo) this is where Cubase is currently trailing the larger pack. Those differences only become evident when you use better methods, then it’s very hard to go back.

Will I upgrade to Cubase 7 if some of this is addressed? Very likely. Is some of this the reason why I passed on Cubase 6? Yep. Is there a reason why I even care at all? Sure… because I’ve already invested thousands in it, I own a dongle with soundsets I paid for on it, and I know it blindfolded the dark, and I still actually kinda like it… or at least a lot of the stuff “in it”… if not the methodologies. Cubase didn’t change, my expectations of software interaction did.

Thanks Steiny.

Best of luck to you in the future. My pie hole will permanently shut now…

Hey Audiocave.

Tabs in the mixer! :smiley:

This would work so elegantly.
For example, I work with groove agent, that inmediately has 16 channels that clutter up the mixer.
When I start a project I only need 4 or 5 channels, still I am dealing with a big mixer already.
Making a tab calling ‘drums’ and put all the GA channels there would be the perfect solution for me.
A better way then the hide/unhide structure.

Creating Tabs would also work in the project window, so you can make different pages with different views.

Greetz Dylan.

Here’s mine, mostly workflow improvements

  1. Improvement to Quick Controls. Cut and Paste between tracks, copy on track duplication, naming over EuCon to work.

  2. Improvements to Edit In Place, with a mode that expands the track selected, and collapsing the previous one, making it a fast genuine alternative to the key editor.

  3. Basic navigation options. Optional behaviour to either open Edit In Place when clicking a midi part, or to open the key editor at the precise point you click (not the beginning of that part which might be 24 bars earlier) and vertically centered around the notes at that point.

  4. A proper Universe window which can be resized and placed at will - can be horizontal and thin, vertical and narrow or anything in between.

  5. Shortcuts / bookmarks to tracks to aid navigation in large templates - click a number key, say, to jump to track 140.

  6. More options in handling automation lanes. A mode where data is on the same track, and you select which is active.

  7. An icon on the midi track header to open the associated virtual instrument. Also dynamic allocation of accessing that VI’s outputs - if 3 outputs are selected, a one click button to take you to each.

  8. Useful collapsed arranger views. Click an icon on the track header of a VI output, and only midi tracks linked to that VI are shown (and one click to revert, of course).

  1. Much better Mac performance.

  2. Fix MIDI jitter - If I’m playing live into a VI, I understand there will be a delay based on buffer size, but right now you also get random MIDI timing during live playback. This is is especially a problem if you are using a 3rd party arpeggiator plugin because there is no delay compensation for plugins that generate MIDI.

  3. There should be no CPU load from instruments/plugins that are not playing back anything or are not record enabled.

  4. I’d love a groove quantize MIDI insert. Bundle it with some nice presets like DP or PT has.

  5. It would be convenient to be able to import directly from another Cubase file like you can in PT and Logic. Right now you have to open the other file first and make a track archive, then open the new file and import.

Almost forgot…make MIDI and “automation” have the same interface for editing! No reason to be different and the automation is def lacking right now with no spline tool and it really quantizes down my automation data to nothingness.

You can change the amount of data thinning.

I would like to see the folder track and group track functionality combined, and available in the mixer as Dylan said.

Oh cool I’ll have to look for that thanks

Damn, and I thought this was going to be a thread about odd time signatures!

Good one!

Mixer flexibility as stated by our colleagues above… that to me is one of the greatest weaknesses in version C6 and previous… :nerd:

Me too!

I’m disappointed it isn’t. :frowning:

Ok I got a odd time division related Cubase wish! :smiley:

A feature that would be nice is the ability to step record a n-tuplet. As an example step record 7 notes in the time of one half note. This is the only way to input runs right. There’s no way I can play that in reliably and I haven’t found any other way to input this in Cubase! DP has a feature like this. Its key if you want to do Superman theme style flute runs…

Having thought some more, I think the manual should be turned into an interactive video with tutorials presented by Big Bird from Sesame Street.

Other than that I can’t think that anyone would want anything else from a sequencer. Cubase is an exemplar of the coding professionals art and takes software to a level yet to be matched by any endeavour ever conceived in the history of mankind. Other than perhaps pretzels (the soft kind you get in Munich), the SS Great Britain (The ship designed by IK Brunell), and blu-tak.

After all the Beatles recorded on 4 track tape

I agree 100% with the OP. The mixer needs a reworking adding all the things he states, I’ll add VCA groups to that too if i may, along with plugin renaming. As a nebula user I like to rename my Nebula version in the mixer to whatever it’s been used for i.e A console emu followed bu a tape and maybe and eq. all I see now is…Nebula Revx64-Nebula Revx64-Nebula Revx64.

Other thing that I find annoying is not having multi out V.I.s available for track presets. I’d love to be able to save large BFD templates or my EWQL SO play templates so i just drag them into my project and the V.I along with all it’s named output channels appears. If there’s anyway to do this already please let me know, I can do it with an instrument track but not a VI in the rack with say 20 output channels.

all the things mentioned are things I’ve used in Reaper to great advantage.


multi out V.I.s available for track presets

That would so enhance my creative freedom!

An operations manual that allows me to make digital comments/notes/underlines/markups on the .pdf. Like in SX3!!

I think there’s a rather obvious solution to that one :unamused: