Cubase 7 AI - Help! only some samples play in 1 audio track

Dear all,

I’ve recently bought a Steinberg UR22 with Cubase 7 AI. I have started to use it, but I have a very strange problem. For most audio samples that I record I have no audio playback after the audio is recorded. All audio sections do show in the main screen as recorded audio (they show little waves in ‘Vocals_01’ for example in line with what I recorded), but the playback works fine for some, and does not work at all for others (even when they are in the same audiotrack!). Even more strangely, while the little audio waves show for all in the main screen, when I open the sample editor for the individual samples, the waves only show for the samples that have audio playback. They were all recorded consecutively with the same settings.

I have no idea what’s going on here, I’ve checked in the Device setup menu whether the right audio driver is selected ( “Yamaha Steinberg USB audio”), the VST connections are setup as instructed, and the audiotracks also have the right inputs and outputs selected in the transport panel. I’ve completely reinstalled Cubase but that did not help either.

It feels like a software bug to me, because some audio samples play back and others not, while they are in the same audiotrack.

Hope this is clear, if not I can post a video of what’s happening.

Anyone familiar with this problem? Any help would be appreciated!!


Hi and welcome,

Could you please send some screenshots? From the Project window, and from the Sample Editor? I have no idea, right now, but maybe the screenshots give us a hint.