cubase 7 also in 32 bit mode?

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I have installed Cubase 7 63 bit under W7Pro 64 bit.
I now cannot use VST plugins that only work under a 32 bit host.
Is it possible to also “double” install Cubase 7 as a 32 bit host, so that I can swap from programm depending on the VST plugins I want to use?

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oh yes

Cubase 7 63 bit ?

can you elaborate please,

what advantages you get under 64bit cubase vs 32bit ?

i run 64bit windows but chose to install cubase as 32bit because of the plug-in potential non compatibility warning message,

If you have more than 4gb of RAM, you should definitely use the x64 version, as the x86 version can only use up to 4gb of RAM (win and OSX, same thing), no matter how much memory you have in your system (and that’s the main advantage of 64-bit computing.) As for 32-bit plugs, get jbridge, a very inexpensive utility that allows you to bridge every 32-bit plug, even really old ones. Works like a charm. Way better than Steinberg’s own VSTbridge. For win and mac.



you can run both versions on your system. as above stated -ram use is limited when running 32bit.
i run both and do stuff as you have explained, especially use 32bit for very old projects

i bought jbridge but found that some plugs like, for example. spectrasonic rmx didn’t like jbridge although i have the latest update for rmx… well on my system anyway. The built in bridge works fine for me, and i use a lot of plugs. dont get me wrong, jbridge is very good, but depends if you really really need it for your purposes

Spectrasonics’ plugs are notoriously iffy and weird. I still have issues with Omnisphere and Trillian. I use one and when I try to use the other I get a message that it can’t find the STEAM folder (and yes, of course they ARE linked…) Then I show it the folder and sometimes after that it loses my key. And I have to go through the online authorization again and again. Fortunately, I don’t use RMX or my head could explode… Someone told me it’s because my STEAM folder is not on the c: drive. But then again, it’s a hefty 80 gigs and my c: drive is a 256-gb SSD. So, you see why the STEAM folder has to be elsewhere. Spectrasonics allows you to move it to another drive, but apparently not without issues.