Cubase 7 and Apogee Duet/One

Hi guys!

L O N G time no see. Bratwurst! I have a problem w Cubase 7 on a Core Duo iMac with 8 Gb mem and a concoction of Duet/One as an aggregated device. Well - the problem is not from the aggregation anyhoo. For no reason the performance meter jumps up to peak/full and it either changes the latency and/or silences the driver.

Anyone else having the same problems? Is it reported, yada yada?

Have an awesome life - Pär

PS The iMac is running a clean installation of ML (since yesterday) and the VstBridge total consumption of CPU is under 3% and nothing else installed but iLife and iWorks. 10.8.2 btw

It’s once every 3 minutes. And timemachine, iCloud and everything I can think of that makes scheduled interruptions are switched off.


I’ve ditched the aggregated device to no avail. I run a project, 7 soft synths beating off mercilessly in a circle, and after a few minutes there seems to be a build-up in CPU usage and with no additional effort it maxes out.

Now I’m running One alone.

…and the sound disappears at times! Then you have to reset the driver.

I have the apogee one as well, I deleted all the aggregated devices, try experimenting with the Asio guard on and off, buffer, also, make sure cubase is Not releasing the driver in the background, that caused a lot of issues for me. I am running 192 buffer for playing and 256 for mixing, still nowhere close to perfect, thinking of trying the new Yamaha ur22 maybe it works better with cubase?

Are you using the one on a hub, try removing some USB cables, bad USB cables could do it, my hub was acting funny with the one, I did a zapp pram and it fixed it, control -option -p-r while the mac starts up…

I ditched the ASIO-guard, run 512 in buffer and no hub.

PRAM-zap every week, Cocktail maintenance etc. You gotta bratwurst be kidding me for not being able to write Cocktai*l. Idjits.

At least 4 restarts for those people that might sneak peak on the thread. :wink:

And now my MBP intel core i7 exerts the same behaviour. C 7 has got an awful performance. It’s maxing out every now and then at buffer 2048. :open_mouth:

Pär!!! How the hell have you been??? Glad to see the EM hasn’t gotten you. ;^)

it’s hell and getting worse but I’m happy albeit in constant pain. Had a music bar in Ecuador for a year but economy pulled me back to this crap land. I’m running Cuba 7 and at least make music. If only this paid for beta would work. :laughing:

Sup, Bro?

So - is it the general performance problem OR an Apogee issue? Anyone knows?

I was talking to the manager today at the music store, he says that apogee doesn’t actually write drivers for the mac, so many manufacturers are tapping onto core audio and using apple generic os-x drivers, I have a big project and it feels a bit sluggish, but it doesnt crash during the project! i am thinking of trying the UR-22, maybe steinberg has optimized the drivers for cubi and maybe NOT!

Why the H*** not writing drivers for Mac when Apogee only works on mac?

FYI, I have the same problem with bad performance in Cubase 7.


Macbook Pro
2.2 Ghz i7 Quad
8 GB Ram
750 GB Harddisk 7200 rpm