Cubase 7 and EZkeys

Is there anyone out there using Cubase 7 and EZkeys?
I cant see EZkeys in the DAW…
Why oh Why.

Yes, and having no problem…

Working fine here…Loving EZKeys…

Glad you guys have no issues.
Can you tell me where did you install it in Cubase so that you could see it or are you using it as a stand alone?

You’ll probably find it in the x(86) folder if your on windows

Also here no problem (on OSX). The only annoying thing is the impossibility to drag and drop a midi part from Cubase to Ezkeys…The only workaround is to export and the import, very annoying. Do you guys have other workarounds?

System specs would be very helpful here. Windows or Mac, 32 or 64-bit, etc.

EZ Keys usually prompts you as to where you want the dll file installed. My guess is that you have not scanned that folder yet in Cubase plug in information. You 1st need to find the dll and then set that path in Cubase plug in info to scan that location…