Cubase 7 and Focusrite audio drop outs

Has anyone had an audio drop out issue with cubase 7.0.3? When i’m recording audio my sound drops out and I have to either wait a while or change the buffer settings. This happens in 32 and 64 bit mode. Are there any solutions? I have a MacBook Pro 2.6 ghz core dou processor 8gb of ram. I have the Cc121 controller, akai mpk 49, native instruments maschine, Focusrite forte interface, 2 fd faders, a seagate hd, and a powered usb hub from staples. I spoke to a yamaha specialist and he could not help. please help asap.

Thank You

Are you running on a Mac? If so there is a known bug and according to Hedge it HOPEFULLY will be addressed in the next patch. Sucks, I was hoping it would have been more of a priority to get it in 7.04. I understand there are a lot of graphic issues but there is another segment of the user base who can’t even run it. I bought 7.0 when it first came out and it’s sat on my shelf. I had to roll back to 6.5 because of the drops.