Cubase 7 and HalionOne, HSO, Sonic ... file chaos?


I’ve just moved from Cubase 6.5 (+ various VSTis including HAL Symphony, HALion 4 and HALionOne) under win7 32bit to Cubase 7 under win7 64bit. HalionOne has vanished, I seem to have several flavors of Sonic, and the various installers have put content files all over the place, in fact anywhere but my sample library.

Is there a document that explains the difference between VST Sound, VST3, .vstsound .vstpreset .fxp and .hsb files and explains where they are stored? I understand that HALionOne is obsolete now but is there a way of accessing the sounds? Sonic lists some of the patches (eg Tack piano) but then is unable to find them, asking me to ‘check the installation’. Ha bloody ha. If there was a utility that did that it would be very useful!

More positively, is there a way of setting up substitute VSTs so if I load an old project that expects HALionOne the system knows to use HALSonic instead?

Thanks in advance for any info

I would appreciate this too! I’ve spent a good portion of today trying to figure it out.

My experience on a Mac is this:
Old 32 bit projects loads in CB7 64 with Halion One and the correct sound. Halion One is 32 bit so you will get the bridge window for it. You can however not change presets from the GUI of Halion One (or at least I have not found that out). You need to right click on the Halion One in the bridge window to open the browser. The browser behaves sluggish and I can not access all the sound. I did some comparison between Halion One and Halion Sonic. I found all the sounds I checked in Halion One in Halion Sonic, so it seems we do not need to worry sound wise, but of course you will have to load Sonic and find the sound in order to save that with your project. Which I have done. I liked the simplicity of One better that Sonic so it is sad it is gone.

Aloha guys
Just to chime in.

I would like to get rid of HAO TOTALLY!

But my fear is that somehow it is an important part of the
Cubase app and if I do remove it the universe will eat itself. :slight_smile: