Cubase 7 and modulation.

Seems like Reaper is about as modular a DAW as it gets, but because it was built from the ground up to be.

It must be easier for newer DAWs they can take the ideas of Cubase and improve on them from scratch. I do think they should at least begin to add a few more levels of complexity to QControls, but I think priority is in improving the audio/pitch manipulation tools, their chord generation tech, VST/// expression complexity, and incorporating everything into a Halion 5 shell, which is the ‘playground’ to use in Cubase.

That is their bread and butter. And there is a core market for all those features. It makes sense as a professionally geared tool, not so much experimenting with revolutionizing routing, modulation and automation. I think Reaper has a chance to corner that particular market.

It is good that each DAW has specialty, and not become jack all trades. Limitation is very good for art.

yeah, i mean-- each user has their own idea on what the priorities should be and i hesitate to make any absolute statements. but very generally speaking, SB being the VST inventor may want to lead the way when it comes down to VST controlling. would be nice anyway. but yes, it’s hard to delimit where ‘creative restiction’ becomes a hinderance of creativity. to me, the absence of even rudimentary multiple-vst-parameter-control is definitely a downside.