Cubase 7 and Pro tools "Configuration Windows"?

Just like the title says, I used Pro Tools configuration windows often , and I would love to have that functionality in my workflow with cubase 7. Help me out!

What exactly do you mean?

There are two main windows in the Pro Tools: Edit and Mix. The Edit window works as the Project (arranger) window of Cubase. If you want to edit MIDI in the track, you can use In Place editor of Cubase. Or you can edit the MIDI in the MIDI editor, which is part of Edit window. In the Cubase, there is separated Key Editor window.

If you want to edit audio, you can make tha track larger, or you need to open the Sample editor. This editor opens in the new window only. There is no way, how to display functions of the Sample editor in the Project window.

The Mix window works very similar in Cubase, as it it in Pro Tools.

In the Cubase, you can create your own workspaces, and switch among them very fast, using shortcuts. All shortcuts are user-definable. So you can import Pro Tools preset.

haven’t updated my PT… so if I was talking about the wrong “window configuration”

as Martin.Jirsak says, the “Workspace” function from a “Window” menu on top
(open a manual and search workspace for further) apparently you can save amongst projects.

also, on a mixer window, on top left a box of [1234*] for it. (for a mixer independently)
if not, right click the blank and go “customise tool bar” then tick “mixconsole configuration”

combined both, probably you can get closer as you wish…

I too am new to Cubase (from Logic/PT) am still struggling for some functions…
(term difference like this for example… can’t search a manual unless you know it.)
(though, this is vice versa nevertheless.)