Cubase 7 and UR-824 ...controls missing

hi, i have Cubase 7.02 and the Steinberg UR-824 hardware. I am good little consumer for buying Steinberg and Steinberg.

in Cubase 6 i could open a Channel Setting on one of the UR-824 inputs by pressing “e” and get a view of the hardware settings of the UR-824. indeed this was one of the selling points.

now with Cubase 7 i cannot see the hardware settings (the reverb fx send settings, etc) …is there something i am missing? where do i enable to see the UR-824 settings on an input in the Channel Setting window?

many thanks,

Provided you have installed the latest Tools Pack and USB driver update at
You can find the Hardware tools at the very top of the mix console on the input channels.
This is also provided you have not filtered them out on the console, check Channel Types\Input and
Otherwise its plan sailing.

Cheers Peter :slight_smile:

um Peter thanks for your response, i think you mis-understand my question tho, here is a picture of what it used to look like in Cubase 6 for the Channel Settings window… i have circled in red the UR-824 hardware settings strip…how do i get this up for Cubase 7? surely this has not been removed on purpose for C7? it would sure not be a step forward…Steinberg? anyone?

many thanks,
Channel Settings Window.jpg

Ahh, sorry yes I did not pick up on the Channel Setting window thing, I must admit I can’t find it in there either. :frowning: However the controls do exist exactly as I have described above in the Mix Console window (see picture below). As I have 2 monitors and have the Mix Console open in one of them it’s not a huge problem for me but yes I can see your point of view and it would be nice to see it back in the Channel Settings window. Still its early days for v7 you never know… Apologies for misunderstanding your initial request.

Cheers Peter
MixConsole Hardware settings.PNG

thanks Peter. it might be time to send an email to Steinberg support. im sure this is not how it should be. ill let you know what they say.

Cheers :slight_smile: