Cubase 7 and UR824 monitoring

I put this post in the Steinberg Hardware section a week ago, but no answer, so trying here.

I’m using Cubase 7.06 on an iMac 3.2Ghz i7, 20GB RAM.

With all my other interfaces, I was able to monitor an input without setting up a channel for it. So say I wanted to fiddle with a keyboard before I decided I want to record an audio track for it, it was no problem. On the UR824 it seems you need to (1) set up and input channel (2) create an audio track (3) enable monitoring - just to hear the keyboard!

In addition, if I want to use 2 DAWs at the same time (say Logic and Cubase), I have no control over the UR824 for Logic - I can only do that if I quit Cubase. I never had any of these issues with any of my other interfaces.

Is there a setting in Cubase that would allow me to listen to bypass Cubase control of the interface (and just use DSPMixFX software that is used for this interface when not using Cubase).

(The “direct monitor” option in the control panel only allows direct monitoring when using the monitor button instead of looping through Cubase - but you still need to got through the 3 steps above).

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I just purchased the UR824 and see that when using it with Cubase, Cubase takes over the interface

I think your problem lies in the Driver you are using. The UR824 comes with a ASIO driver which offers extremely low latency performance however it is not multiclient so only one app can access it at a time. Unfortunately I’m no Mac expert (PC user) But I suspect that you previously where using the Core Audio driver which is multiclient however the latency may be higher and you will loose the tight integration the UR provides and have to use DSPmix.
To change the driver simply choose Devices from the drop down menu, then Device Setup and finally VST Audio System. In the selection box choose the best driver bearing the requirements and conditions above, Keep your eye on the latency reported below.
Good luck and I hope the above helps.