Cubase 7 Artist - Autotuning

Hey guys,
I own Cubase 7 Artist and I want to autotune some vocals. Is there any possibilty to do this?

Tanks a lot


look in the plugin reference manual for the “pitch correct” effect. (+/- same as autotune)
You need to insert it on the audio track, add a midi track, and link the midi output of that track into to effect. Then you can pitchcorrect your audio with midi data.
The effect can also be used to pitch correct out of tune vocals. etc…
using it for the first time can be a little tricky since you need to understand the working of the different parameters, That’s why it’s usefull to read the manual first. But once you got that, the workflow it’s quite easy, and it is very good pitch correct engine. Needs mono tracks!