Cubase 7 Artist Score Editor Crash

I’m trying to use Cubase to make some composition work for my music GCSE course, but I’m having a problem that’s essentially breaking the score editor. I can open it fine, but I cannot add icons such as dynamics. When you click on one, the draw tool is supposed to pop up. This doesn’t happen, I then click on the score editor anywhere and a crash window opens telling me to save my project and restart cubase. It also gives me a crash dump which I will link as I cannot attach it for some reason. Can anyone help please? I haven’t seen anyone with this problem on the internet.


Intel i5 2400 3.1ghz
8gb Ram
Cubase Artist 7 32/64Bit
Windows 7 Ultimate

Crash Dump :

The first thing I would try is to trash your Cubase Preferences, and let Cubase rebuild them from scratch (making sure that you also, temporarily, rename any older Cubase Preferences folders, so that it doesn’t simply try to re-import them).

What vic_france said.

Also you can use the new safe mode startup to do this. Hold down “ + +” while Cubase starts up.

I opened it up in safe mode with preferences disabled and the exact some problem occured. Any more suggestions?

This might sound weird, but have you tried disabling the infoline?
There used to be a bug in Cubase Artist 6 which was pretty much as you described it. Would be silly if Steinberg reintroduced the same bug again though.

What’s the infoline and how do I disable it?

Worked out what it is, it’s that really useful black bar with the transpose stuff on it. That’s a work around I suppose, but would get annoying because I use the info line :frowning:

Does disabling it fix the crash though?
If yes, it should be an easy fix for Steinberg.

Hmm, no it doesn’t. However, when I disable the info line (I have to disable it every time I open the score editor because it doesn’t stay disabled) instead of showing a text selector mouse icon it shows the regular mouse and doesn’t crash when I click on the score. However, I still cannot insert dynamics. Any more suggestions?