Cubase 7 as a travelling producer


I’ve never been arsed to make a thread nor ask for a solution for this, but I am HIGHLY thinking that Cubase 7 is complicated to get running because I’m using a big 4G mobile network dongle and I wish to have cubase 7 together with it running. (or else I have to disconnect from the internet). Because my Macbook pro only have 2 slots of USB and the 4G dongle is so big that it takes up 2 slots in size. I cannot even squeeze the cubase dongle in because of it.

And to be honest, I’ve always seen the dongle as a problem, when I want to produce in my bed or in the sofa or even at the hotel , I have to move the dongle from my screen which has built in usb hub, to my computer, and I cannot get both internet and cubase running at the same time.

SO. I’m wondering, IS THERE ANY ANY ANY way to make Cubase 7 run without the dongle? I mean, I’m fine with that I’ve paid for it and all that, but is there any hack of this or ANY way to make it just run without the dongle. I’m not trying to steal the product or anything, because I have already bought it, it’s just that the dongle is in the way all the time and I just want to be able to use internet and cubase at the same time.

ANY fix what so ever for this? so it recognizes the installed key or something without the dongle?

Answers are very much appreciated. This is a actually a HUGE problem for me.

Thanks alot.

. I’m wondering, IS THERE ANY ANY ANY way to make Cubase 7 run without the dongle?

Of course not.

nope and if the 4g dongle is so big why not buy an extension usb cable to put the 4g dongle on so you can use the other usb socket for the steinberg dongle …simple !!!


Aloha J

When I travel I use a DR. Bott.

1-Not very expensive.
2-Seems to work ok with Cubase while a few
other hubs I have tried (powered or not) do not.

Check it out here:

HTH (hope this helps)

I hate that f****g dongle! It’s the reason Cubase will never be my main DAW.


And with an attitude like that, you’ll also never amount to much of a producer either.

!!! Troll Alert !!!


How can you hate a dongle? They are part and parcel of Cubase. At least we dont have the huge Serial port dongles like the old days. :smiley:

I’ve got ProTools 10 also on my DAW, and it too has a dongle. :wink:

I always carry my dongle with me…

LOL. Mines blinking at me right now…

And with an attitude like that, you’ll also never amount to much of a producer either.

!!! Troll Alert !!!

I beg your pardon. I am not a troll. And my opinion about Steinberg’s dongle has nothing to do with my abilities as a producer.

We could lose the dongle and, to combat piracy, Steinberg would charge $2,000 for a copy of Cubase.

How does that sound?


Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, Studio One, Sonar X2, Reaper, and soon-to-be Bitwig Studio (probably this summer) do not require dongles, and their respective companies do not charge $2000 per copy. Dongles are inconvenient (especially when you switch to a second computer frequently), and subject to be lost, broken, or stolen. Anyway, I know that Steinberg will never discontinue requiring a dongle because they make money on selling them to users of their software.

Mike, that’s not why. The reason they won’t discontinue it is because it works.

Resurrecting an old thread…

I really can’t see why people are hating so much on a sensible request. I’ve actually e-mailed Steinberg before with this. It’s a massive inconvenience to use the dongle when you are working between a laptop and the studio. I’ve had so many scares now like “OMG WHERE DID I PUT IT?” that it’s not just the hassle, my heart can’t take it anymore.

It’s 2014/5 surely you don’t need to hog a usb port JUST to verify the product. Makes it even worse when you have to use iLok which I do, so now I’ve got a macbook with 2 usb ports which are being hogged because programs need a license. But what sticks in my craw is that Steinberg don’t let you transfer their license to iLok, or anywhere else for that matter (ie. the cloud). My request was to allow transferring the license up to the software e-licenser when I’m on the laptop which was a “no”.

I can hold it in in by having one dongle to hold everything although I still think iLok should go and die somewhere far away, but having 2 dongle-like things, very prone to snapping, beinglost, completely last gen, twice the size of a pen-drive is just … No.

“Because it works” is not a valid argument, it can work better and that’s all we’re asking. I understand if Steinberg have done their market research and found that 99% of their users are stationary and the effort/risks of developing new tech to handle this is not in their interest and that’s fine (albeit sad), let’s just be clear that this is the only reason why this isn’t being done and not pretend otherwise.

I have Cubase 6.5 and 7 and also Halion Sonic 2, but havent using them almost for year now since I’ve been traveling around. I really love Cubase as a DAW, but I dont feel like carrying that fragile dongle around. Few times I also forgot that dongle home when we had recording sessions with friends.

As far as I know there never was cracked copy of Cubase for Mac, so would it be anyway possible to have dongle free version for Macs someday?

Just get rid of that dongle. It doesn’t even work as a protection for the software. People used cracked versions anyway. At least pc versions. The ones really getting hindered by it are the ones who pay for a license.
It’s just so inconvenient to have a dongle on your macbook. And all good suggestions to buy a usb hub because they are so cheap, are not so useful. A usb hub doesn’t really increase ones compactness and mobility.
When you have a Steinberg Dongle in a macbook pro you can’t even fit in some usb thumbdrives in the second usb slot. And yes, I stopped using my Ilok as wel. The built in plugins in Cubase are great. The only other plugins I use are non-dongle, like Ikmultimedia. One dongle is more then enough. The Ilok can stay on my desktop machine.
Take “Make Music’s” Finale 2014 as an example on how to validate software. With them you can validate the software online for use with 2 machines simultaneously. If you need to switch to yet another machine, just login online and switch.
No chance for loosing or breaking a dongle or breaking your usb ports.
And above all, dongles do not work as software protection.
I must confess that I don’t like Ikmultimedias way to validate plugins. You don’t want to change anything with their plugins to often.

Exactly the point; legal users are the ones with the problems. I always prefer a numbered license with some key or authorization file on my hard disk. BTW why isn’t possible for legitimate license holders to install their Steinberg stuff using a dongle and then run it for a period of time without it? The demo stuff does. … BTW Cubase 7 LE seems to have been hacked i was told, and as with that much used 5.1; no dongle. - F