Cubase 7 audio prob..It's been a long day

Hi Folks…Spent the last 12 hours trying to figure this out and no doubt (or hopefully) it’ll be simple and i’m just too darn tired now. Briefly…Been tryin to get my way into CB 7 since i installed it late friday night and spent around 12 hours today. I’ve hauled most of my hair out and no closer to a solution !..I can record and playback MIDI no prob. I can also record Audio tracks and they are recording…only they won’t play back ??? Been the usual route of checking my connections are good and proper, the inputs/outputs etc a thousand times already. I’m guessing coz this is a completely fresh set up, I’ve missed something simple in the setting up :unamused: any ideas ? (it’s been updated to 7.06)

Thanks in advance


Control room set up?

Turn monitor off for playback.

And that would be the little speaker which is red of color when activated :mrgreen:

:laughing: :laughing: Aye NWP… I’ve checked that out…Cheers :wink:


Hi Steve…Well I’ve disabled it…thinkin’ that might have been the problem…to be honest in the end the only thing i haven’t tried is boiling the dvd rom in oil ?Could you expand on your reply a little please



I widdnae notice tae be honest…At the moment i’m seeing RED !

Be easiest to do a team viewer session.

Simple things to check:

Cheers ManChicken…yep it often turns out to be the obvious…as in ye can’t see the wood for the trees !

Ta !..It may come to that yet NWP :neutral_face:

…About to give up coz i’m about brain-dead now but i generally hate giving up…so… I just put the audio track into the sample editor and auditioned it…And it comes through my monitors loud and clear ???..What’s that all about…?..anyways is that telling me something obvious, too tired now to think.

Thanks for the help so far.


Yeah… come back fresh, you’ll probably figure it right out.

Wish I could share your optimism on this matter Stevie… :laughing: :laughing: …But i’m no further on since finding I can hear the recording in the sample editor :cry: gonna give the “Techie” guys at Steinberg a shout see if they have a solution ! Many hours down the road and i’m still Bamboozled. :unamused:


I widdnae notice tae be honest…At the moment i’m seeing > RED !


5 Days in Limbo, 4 Days-a-Googlin’, 3 Temper Tantrums, Ignored Twice by Steinberg and a Partridge in a Pear Tree - Sorted ! :wink:

Wow. Christmas in September :slight_smile: You gonna let on as to what it was?