Cubase 7 - Autotune not visible for Offline Processing

Hi All,

I searched for anything about this kind of problem but I can only see problems with things like directory selections etc and missing VSTs altogether…

The problem I have is that while my Autotune EVO plugin shows up on the Inserts menu and works 100%, It does not show up as an Offline Process option, through the right click on audio event > Plugins >.

This is killing me as this is the only way I use this plugin, on short sections of audio.



I appreciate the 55 views this post has because I assume it’s the helpful users of this software trying to see if they can possibly help out. 12 days and no response from support… more days of sessions I had to push through without such an integral feature…

what to do…

Offline processing with Autotune EVO (i.e. Autotune 6) is working o.k. here for me in Cubase 7.0.5, on Mac. (same for Autotune 7). Anyone else having the same problem?
You could try the “sledgehammer approach”, and try removing Cubase Preferences, so that they get recreated from scratch upon next launch.

AFAIK, the plug-ins are 32-bit only. In case you are running a 64-bit version of Cubase 7, they won’t appear because we do not support bridged plug-ins in the offline part.

(another good reason to upgrade to AutoTune 7, which is 64-bit :wink: )