cubase 7 becomes slow after some edits

Hi guys.

I keep on running into the same problem for some time now. When I start editing drums for example, everything is nice and responsive but coming towards the middle/end of the song it takes ages to place an edit and move slices. I have the feeling that this behaviour has to do with the increasing number of parts/edits. Opening the task manager shows that there are peaks whenever I’m placing edits/moving slices. The CPU load is around 20% but peaks go as high as around 75%. The vst load within cubase is pretty low.

Editing the last quarter of a song takes me around as long as the first 3/4…

I’m using an i7 4770k, SSD system drive with win 7 (64 bit), 16 GB RAM so I think a modern computer should be able to manage this task. It gets pretty annoying. Does anyone else know this problem or has a solution?

Thanks in advance

Quick update:

I have been editing today again and realised that when I am moving all my 13 or 14 drum tracks simultaneously things are pretty slow. But when I move only ONE track, it is pretty much perfect.

Next thing was backuping the session to my SSD system drive - the performance was much better and I could actually work fluently.

Do you think my magnetic 2TB hard drive may just be too slow? It is a hitachi 7200 rpm…standart really.

If a magnetic hardrive is almost full, then it will become much slower than before. And check for bad sectors, maybe there is something wrong with you drive.

True. My magnetic drive is not full at all (perhaps up to 25%). I had a surface test run yesterday but no errors.

Hmm, maybe there are too many things going through the CPU while you are editing big parts… In Cubase(or any DAW), CPU is only used for realtime processing(plugins, effects,etc), and audio parts are loaded into RAM, not CPU… Hmm, how interesting…

Have you tried disabling Automatic Hitpoint Detection? If you have a lot of audio-files it can slow down Cubase.

Hi. I don’t know which other things apart from the OS or wavelab may be going through the CPU, nothing else is running.

I have the automatic hitpoint detection disabled, tried it out both ways (no difference here)