Cubase 7 book

Are there any books out for Cubase 7? Preferably like Cubase 7 power. Looking for a physical book.

Hi, I just bought Cubase – I’m quite excited about it! – and I’m looking for a physical about Cubase 7 too. Here’s what I’ve found by doing some research on the web, I wonder what others think.

  • The only book about Cubase 7 that I could find is called “Power Tools for Cubase 7” by Matthew Loel T. Hepworth, and it’s not coming out until October. It’s on Amazon and has no reviews.

There are a couple out about Cubase 6 which is pretty similar to Cubase 7 as far as I can tell:

  • “Cubase 6 Power! The Comprehensive Guide” by Michael Miller, Robert Guerin. Published in 2011. Got 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, with 8 reviews.

  • “Going Pro with Cubase 6” by Steve Pacey. Published in 2011. 4/5 stars with 6 reviews.

Also, does anybody have magazine recommendations? I see that SoundOnSound has an article about Cubase in just about each issue. And MusicTech magazine has a lot as well.

–Pete Shell

What about the four video tuts at

Yes, I’ve been watching the videos on MacProvideo, I like them because they concretely show how to use the Cubase features. I’d still like something printed, in addition, for times when I want to be away from the screen.

Hi pshell. I’m Matthew Loel T. Hepworth, the author of the upcoming Power Tools for Cubase 7 and most of the tutorials on Cubase 7. You’re right about the book not being available until mid-October. I wish the publishing machine was faster than it is. Alas, it is akin to turning a big ship.

I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the mPV courses. I wanted to let you know about some upcoming releases:

Cubase 7 201: Advanced MIDI Toolbox, coming the first week of August.

Cubase 7 301: Mixing Toolbox, coming late August.

Cubase 7 302: Mastering Toolbox, coming mid to late September.

Thanks for your interest and patronage,


Hi Matthew, I’ve been getting a lot out of the MacProVideos about Cubase. After viewing the ones about Cubase 7 I went onto the ones about Cubase 6.5 and 6. Looking forward to the new ones!



There are more courses for Cubase 7 on the way! I’m glad you’re putting the videos to good use.

Keep the music flowin’,