Cubase 7 Bridging Improved? Or do I still need JBridge

Greetings to everyone from sunny Buffalo, NY.

I am running a self built machine: Win7, 24GB ram, 64bit Operating, Intel Core i7 960@ 3.20GHz and am augmenting the Cubase features with UAD plugins (still in 32bit because I don’t want to update and lose access to my UAD 1 cards).

I was running Cubase 6.5 and had to factor JBridge into the equation due to issues when loading 6.5 and JBridge has performed fabulously.

I have since upgraded to Cubase 7 and as a developer and was wondering if the bridging issues have since been resolved or should stay with JBridge.

I’ve been a Steinberg user since the mid 1990’s and have stood by the product ever since! You guys remember the Yamaha CBX D5 ( Yep, I was one of the prolly 5 people in the world who owned one. It’s now my $2,500 monitor stand!


Sunny here as well, but would really like to have some snow at that season :wink:

Your question is already answererd by Helge. Please have a look it the topic of the Cubase 7 main treath.
(There is no change in regard og JBridge or 32bit plug-in bridge from CB 6 to CB 7)


Has VST Bridge been updated?
There are no changes to VST Bridge in Cubase 7.

As can be read here>

Thank you my brother, JBridge it still is then.