Cubase 7 ~ bugs they say? ~ still?

I like it. It’s shiny and new. :mrgreen:

Yes, it has some issues (who … I mean … what doesn’t?) but it’s working well enough for me that I just re-installed everything on my main DAW from scratch and didn’t install any previous version (6.5).

If I was a “pro” user, I probably wouldn’t have gone near Cubase 7 yet. Except for maybe installing it on a test machine to get my mouse clicking finger in training for the extra work it will be expected to perform :neutral_face: .

The thing that irritated me a bit about the Cubase 7 release is that they knew they had some issues to work out yet, but still made sure they had it available for the big holiday shopping rush. It was just so obvious that this was the case that it made me a little sick. I think 7 is just now maturing enough to be a candidate for first release.

As far as general stability goes, no problems whatsoever (for me, at least). But, I like to keep a lean, mean, fighting machine for a DAW computer :wink: .

the more bugs there are on the .0 -.1-.2-.3-.4 releases the less change the crackheads want to get hold of it :wink:

How ironic that the one thing that does seem to work
without probs or bugs is the dongle.

No dongle no Cubase.

Anyone seen/heard of any ‘working’ C7 cracks out there?
I’ve not seen any.


The only issue I’m having is that the first time I place a plugin into an insert slot in the channel window, the plugin doesn’t ‘catch’. I have to insert it again. Other than that, she’s fast, shiny and new.

If you’d paid much attention, you’d see most of the users having issues are Mac iUsers. Those guys are a buncha dummies. It’s easy to convince yourself that nothing has improved if you’ve already adopted that mindset. I upgraded for a different reason, and you wouldn’t know what that reason is, unless I shared it.

Clearly you are not familiar with software. ALL software, of every stripe, from every company, has bugs.


Steve, I think deep down you really want that shiny new toy. Go ahead, you deserve it! :smiley:

You do know the audio quality in 7 is superior to previous versions, right? :wink:

Actually, when I bought 6.0 I didn’t pay for 6.0.1, 6.0.2, etc. :wink: It wasn’t until 6.5 came out with a number of substantially different features that it was considered an upgrade.

Never being a power user, I never even thought about bugs from Cubase 4,5,6 and all of the updates in the middle. As I became more involved in using it and reading the forums, these bugs were brought up many users and even then I never had any of them. Once Steve got me started again , this time with a better understanding, in midi, I started to build tracks that were substantially larger and then I had only a few mild hiccups but these are so much more than my previous 6-8 track audio recordings.

I am still always upgrading. Had I ignored the upgrades from SL 2, I would have had to pay $499.00 to get up to version 7… By upgrading every upgrade since version 2, I’ve only paid $850.00 :unamused:

Even Microsoft releases software and operating systems with bugs in it because they want to get it to market so their users can experience the new features right away (and of course, rake in the bucks to keep their company going). That is one thing that really irritated me about Microsoft, but I have found the new features in Cubase so useful that I was willing to experience a few bugs in the process. However, Steinberg does seem to take care of their bugs much faster than Microsoft. We reported these bugs to them and very quickly they came up with an improved version. More bugs were reported as we continued to use other features, and they quickly fixed them. So far, 7.0 seems to be the most stable, but there is still one or two bugs left for the fix, which I am sure that Steinberg will take care of as soon as they discover that there is more than one user experiencing the same problem.

They have to first determine if the problem is caused by the processor, operator or software. I have Cubase 7 installed on 3 different computers, each with different configurations, and I experience different problems when using Cubase on each of them. Some may be processor related. The entire behavior of Cubase is different on each of my computers.

I did notice an improvement in audio quality, but thought it was just my imagination because the GUI looked so much nicer!

You know as little about how software companies operate as anyone I’ve ever known. Bugs are not by design.

Since Cubase 7 has nearly unlimited possibilities for customizing the colors of the UI, this is simply another example of your ignorance. You can run 6.5 on your 7 license if you find the UI so distasteful.

Only for those who couldn’t make music before the upgrade, using their obsolete and/or cracked softwarez. I don’t find it to be broken at all.

BTW, where’s the link to your tunes? :laughing: