cubase 7 can it be used on mac and pc??


I have bought Cubase 7 and installed this on my PC then I have decided to get a new Mac, am I able to install Cubase 7 on my Mac with out having to get new license

and also I take it there is not a mac version of Cubase and PC version :neutral_face:

Yes. You can just download Cubase for whichever platform you use at the downloads web page.

ok thanks for response :wink:

Aloha S,
Just to confuse the matter even more,

Remember that if you are more comfortable with
the 'PC" environment, you can always run
‘Windows’ on yer new Mac!

Good Luck!

And if you get tired of your Mac you can run a Hackintosh on your PC! :laughing:

And Cubase will run in all these scenarios!

What an app!

Good luck with your new cubase, and of course with your new Mac…

Everyone has its own opinion, of course! but if you ask me about my opinion I can tell you this advice…

Install Cubase on your new Mac and test it for a few days… once you get used to the environment, maybe you can decide and tell us…

In my case I can tell you that when I ran Cubase these first days on my Mac I wonder why I wasted so many time with Windows… in my Mac I’d never had a crashed project that I’ve been working days and days and before I saw how it gone to the trash!!!

goo luck! :wink: