Cubase 7 - Channel strip settings gone!?

I just upgraded from C6 to C7 and now my channel strip parameters for the MR816Csx are missing from the input channel?

Can anyone help please?


Same problem here!

Steinberg, can we get an answer please? Your software, your hardware, now not working correctly!

Please give us some help with this.


yes its there somewhere. just dont remember how did i get there. :smiley:

not in front of C7 now but ill update.

to see mr816 Hardware rack.
1:turn MR on
2:in mix console on “Racks” make sure Hardware is in visible mode.

there is a little problem with “audio hardware setup” in settings Tab, when changing digital i/o its grayed and need to reopen “audio hardware setup” window again.

Cannot get it to the mixer rack to make it visible… Something else to be turned on before ?

Click on the “racks” button somewhere above in the mixconsole, there you can select hardware, when selected it becomes visible.

I had big trouble getting it all working in C5, C6 and C6.5, in C7 it worked immediatly. Hurray! :laughing: