Cubase 7 chord track and multi-instruments

hi…I am using the chord track function to create a song…I am using halion SE as a piano sound on channel 1…I did a 4 bar part…transposed the chords into midi notes…put them on the vst (halion se) track…next I created a small vocal which I then transposed into midi notes and put them on midi track 2…in halion se I selected a bass sound…made sure everything was suppose to go to the right channels of the vst…problem … I get only the bass as a chord…no piano…I thought…halion se was suppose to be multi timbral? I redo everything again and use a separate halion for the chord track…and made a second halion as a vst for the bass…no luck…it keeps on just doing the bass as a chord…I know there is a learning curve to cubase but it is kind of frustrating…I dont know if this is a bug or what…using 7.0 on a IMAC 2.9 mountain lion 10.8.3 with 8 gigs of ram…Can someone please assist me on how to use halion se as a multitimbral instrument…sure do wish they had paper manual I could go thru instead of the puter to read…thank you

I do not use HALion as a multi timbral instrument. The latter way you did it is very close to what I do. When you drag the chord letters down to your instrument track, the notes that make up the chord are transferred as MIDI data to the track. The setup is not so intelligent to realize that you are using bass, which needs only the root of the chord, but copies the whole three note chord as if it were going to a piano.

Although there may be functions that are more intuitive, usually after making a chord and bass track I will use the former as a prompt to record the bass via a keyboard. So if your progression is C-Am-G-F, those are the notes I would play in the bass, as they are the root of the chord.