Cubase 7 Complete Installer - Errors while Extracting


I bought Cubase 7 update online and installed it successfully. But for further clean installations I also downloaded Cubase 7 Complete Installer from the link below.

When I unzip the file it extracts with 3 zipped files (Cubase_7_Installer_win.part1, Cubase_7_Installer_win.part2, Cubase_7_Installer_win.part3)

And when I run the installer (Cubase_7_Installer_win.part1), it extracts the files without any erros and installs Cubase 7 successfully.

But if I try to extract each parts separately, it gives an error for part 2 and part 3 files:

For part 2: “…\FCP_SMT_026_Vintage Bass_FW_Fing_Add_01.vstsound” file is broken
and “…\FCP_SMT_087_HSSE_VST_Expression.vstsound” file is broken.

I’ve downloaded this complete installer for 5 times from different locations and every time it gave same errors.
But as I say if run the installer without extraction files each by each it extracts without any errors.

Is this normal?


For part 3: “…\FCP_SMT_087_HSSE_VST_Expression.vstsound” file is broken.

What program are you using to extract files with?

Did you follow the instructions on the readme.txt If I remember correct you only need to click part one and it will complete the full install.