Cubase 7 console & move track function

In the console, it is possible to move all tracks to a directory. We can do this for all tracks but it does not work for the Master Out channel, why?

Because it is intended for tracks only?

To save space in the arrange window?

What do you mean by move tracks to a directory ?

when you’re in the console, it is possible to move track output to a directory (contextual menu of the track), and it does not work for the output track. If you take this demo :
You can see that this is possible.

I think mzi59 means ‘Group’ not ‘Directory’. Correct me if I am wrong. :smiley:

Tracks can be routed to Groups
Groups are routed to Outputs.
Outputs cannot be routed to Outputs.

Tracks can also be moved to ‘Folders’ to save space in the arrange window.
Moving tracks to ‘Folders’ does not affect their Routing.

Ummm. Is that what you were referring to? :question:

function exists but is not working. And it is not possible to change the color of this track.

The OP is talking about folders.

In order for the track to be put into a folder it first has to exist in the Project window.

To make that happen from the Mix Console click on the track’s Write icon. This results in the track being created in the project window.

Now you can right click and move it to a new folder. (But note- it will already be in a folder called Input/Output Channels)

Thanks Steve for this workaround.

Mister Steinberg, can be easier? :wink:

What are you trying to accomplish?

I ask because it takes one click to ‘put the output track in a folder’ from the Mix Console, This is the result you asked for, and it requires less interaction than right-clicking and moving the mouse to select a menu item.

Show the output track in the project to build the automation manually.

What you told me works when you write automation in the console but not right click.


That’s how it’s designed to work, for better or for worse.

this is not possible on the output