Cubase 7 Control Room: Take the time to learn how it works.

You do not have to. Also works via the list, or any Key command.

Is the same for C 6.5, if the appropriate preference is enabled.

I too would like to praise Steinberg for the Control Room feature. In my earlier studios (all Project studios BTW) I generally ignored using it, thinking one would only require this for a full blown recording studio. I was wrong though. In my current studio I use a Steinberg UR28M as interface, so a number of the features of the control room are superfluous for me being taken care of in the hardware (multiple monitor selection, dim, mono, mute etc.) But there are still enough features in the Cubase CR provided that make it advantageous - the Listen buss, Cue controls as well as 5 channel control (rarely used but I do have the option) and generally the entire overview facility - not to mention the safety and isolation from the actual mix outputs so there is no risk of screwing up the actual gain and mix when I want to vary the volume or add something across the monitor buss. This too is very useful - the ability to independently apply different plugins and/or settings for each set of monitors you’re using.
I would like to see separate popup vertical fader Cue mixers though.

CR is THE unique audio feature in Cubase. I recently updated the german Wikipedia article and wrote exactly that. In other DAWs you have to abuse e. g. effect sends to produce a decent cue mix. I really wonder why Steinberg does not focus their marketing onto that one - if you ever worked with it, you just can’t imagine how to work without it.

Does the Control Room eat up any resources? Honestly that’s one reason I’ve never used it, because it looks like it would kill some of your performance. I’m not saying this from experience … probably ignorance on my part hahaha. If it doesn’t I may want to open it up again. What is your guys experiences on this?

Then better don´t even try it - your Mac might explode…

probably… :wink:

Fair enough, but you didn’t address the floating window part (second paragraph of my previous post), which was the main reason I stopped using the CR before Cubase 7. Plus I don’t always want to create KC for every single feature in Cubase, much less go to yet another window (the List) to enable a function. I still believe the CR feature is more integrated and seamless now than ever before. Again YMMV.

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Because I don´t know what exactly you mean with “the Control Room settings window”. I could not yet find that terminologie (or something similar in the german version…)

You need to enable the control room in the mixer in C7, which is even more click (IMHO)

Yeah, some things should not be argued (too much) about… :wink:
I find the control room in C7 less “operable” too much clicking - like in the rest of the C7 mixconsole…

I love it . once you save the CR with all the modules open it’s simple .A complete different format to every other Cubase CR but it is a gooden .

The correct terminology is the Control Room Edit window. Still getting used to the Cubase lingo, my bad.

You need to enable the control room in the mixer in C7, which is even more click (IMHO)

Not if you have it full screen on monitor 2, which is how I use it. Seems about the same amount of clicking, but I like the fact that it is all in the same place rather than on another window. I prefer it the way it is implemented now (IMHO).

Yeah, some things should not be argued (too much) about… > :wink: >
I find the control room in C7 less “operable” too much clicking - like in the rest of the C7 mixconsole…

Agree on the excessive clicking in Mix Console. No argument there. Speaking of which, need I remind you who started it? :wink: Anyway, that sentiment (that some things need not to be argued too much) was what I was trying to convey every time I typed YMMV. We can rest this case :slight_smile:.

Take care!

I had to look that up first… :blush:

+++ 1
in fact, I have been using the CR from the first day on and I see it as a MAIN feature in Cubase that is completely underestimated - by both user and manufacturer.

No worries. I did learn a few things from your posts that I wasn’t aware of. Thanks for that!

BTW, if you or anyone else know how to make the Stereo/Mono button found in the Control Room work, I would really appreciate it. So far, the only way I’ve been able to change this is through the built-in MixConvert plugin of the CR. I simply wish to be able to click on the Stereo/Mono button without having to use MixConvert (at least not directly) or any other plugin (I can do that already). I guess I could creat a KC, but I’m leaving that as a last resort option. I did try to create presets in MixConvert, but they didn’t show up in the preset browser window afterwards. Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I would appreciate some help here.