Cubase 7 Control Room

I’m currently a Project Studio Cubase 6 user. I have been using Cubase since Version 4.

I’m considering the upgrade to 7, but am curious about the new Control Room before I shell out the 200 doll-hairs.

In 6, the control room feature allows for the connection of multiple monitors and the switching between them. It does not, however, allow for multiple monitors to be activated at once. What I really want is be able to connect an external sub and to audition my audio with it on, and off, without effecting my tops. I have one sub and two sets of tops so it would be nice to be able to audition the sub with either tops as well. I’ve read work arounds for 6…but I’m wondering if Steinberg addressed this with the new Cubase 7 control room features.

Thanks for your responses in advance!

To properly use a Sub with a Stereo signal you need to use Bass Management.

I use Voxengo BMS VST plug.

What you do is set up your monitors in VST connections as 2.1.
I use 5.1 but whatever you have.
Then insert the BMS in your Monitor insert in the control room.
Make sure your Main Output (NOT the control room outs) is setup as stereo.

The BMS plug in will send whatever bass frequencies you specify to the sub - and eliminate them from the mains if you desire.

If you turn off the BMS plug, everything will go to LR Mains.

To use the sub on more than one set of monitors (I do not. I have Large - with the sub - medium - with no sub - and my favorite . . Auratones!), you might be able to set the sub output the same in VST connections for both - I think this is a preference to allow, or use your audio interface to route that, depending on it’s capabilities.
In that case you would be using another instance of the BMS plug on the second set of monitors - with different settings to match them.

In any case it’s a beautiful thing.

Is this a stock plugin with Cubase 7? If not is there a plugin included that could do something simular?

Thanks…I really appreciate this


You’d need to purchase it from Voxengo.

Well worth it, though, for proper monitoring.