Cubase 7 crashes while opening project !!!

…and I’m not able to open it anyway !!!..where to send the dump file ???/…if I send it ot, may be it will spend more time…so ???

Aloha a,

This may or may not help.
Good luck!


I have been having a similar issue with one project. I went back to find a cpr file that worked. I am about to take out all the plugins from the vst folder to see if it will load. Then the boring job of putting some back in at a time to see if it still loads. I am sure in my case it is a plugin.

Same problem. I opened the file with cubase 6.5 without problems. Save it and could load it in Cubase 7.
May be this helps in your case. By the way: You can install cubase 6.5 in parallel without problems and you are intitled to use it because it’s included in the C7 licence.

Dr. Max

It is best to use the latest project version available and if there are problems, re-create the project file including all media such as MIDI and audio and where necessary change the plugin brand/type (or version) in use.

I have had the same problem with Cubase 7. I have emailed Steinberg Support I will post when I hear back from them :wink:

so no updates so far?


Try to update Waves plugins to latest versrion, and update your videocard drivers. It helped me.