Cubase 7 Dedicated Keyboard/keycaps?

Back in SX3 days, I got some stickies with Cubase “out of the box” shortcuts printed on them to paste on top of the normal keyboard keys. They were great, and I find that now even 10 years and 3+ full versions later (using C6.5) enough of them are current to make them useful.

I’m about to start using C7.5.10, and was wondering if they’d been updated . A quick search led to some actual pre-built keyboards, rather than “keycap” stickies:

It’s not clear to me what version of Cubase they were made for, and I’m hesitant to spend that much on something that is not quite up-to-date when I take delivery.

Does anyone know of any products like this that have been updated for Cubase 7? Or are things so flexible in Cubase 7 that the whole idea of standard keyboard shortcuts is obsolete?

Thanks -

Editor keys work fine with 7.5.10

I can also confirm that Editor Keys works just great with 7.5

Thank you G-string and Jenks!

You won’t get any better than Editor keys , if you can try and get hold of the 2010 style keyboard they are made a lot better than the new version IMO :wink:

Made a lot better in terms of build quality, G-string, or in some other way? 2010 was before C7 came out (I think) … I guess the shortcuts didn’t change much from 6.5?


Yes build quality and what shortcuts are there to of changed between version 6 and 7 ???

The keyboard works perfect with all versions of cubase from SX3 to the latest version and i can’t see that there are going to be any changes in these short cuts in version 8,9,10 ,only programmable key commands

OK, thx again, G-string!

In the Keycommand Editor you may find presets for earlier versions - I found C5 standard which corresponds to my custom KB.