Cubase 7 Delay Compensation Problem 2

Because Cubase 7 is so buggy and Asio guard is quite useless, I am forced to shut off Asio Guard on the individual plugins in “plugins information” because checking it off in “devices” clearly does not work. If I don’t do this, my projects midi will randomly go out of sync and I will hit my CPU wall way to early. oh too much fun.

Here is the my second problem and it’s with the Delay Compensation which is NEEDED to run the project in sync with Asio Guard checked off.

Delay compensation disables the cubase stock Gate and I cannot bypass the plugin or activate it. It also permanently disables Soundtoys decapitator and other plugins when delay compensation is on. I was told because they bring in too much latency…COME ON, REALLY? With your OWN stock plugs?


So what’s the deal? Nobody knows??

Delay compensation is something that is running all the time in the background…it doesn’t disable any plugs.

Probably what you are talking about is the “constrain delay compensation” button on the toolbar??

This is designed to let you still track at lower latency in a busy project and all it is doing is switching off any plugs that introduce extra latency to the system…this isn’t a limitation, this is how it works, it’s only supposed to be switched on temporarily

Some plugs need to add latency. Steinberg stock or 3rd party it’s all the same.

You’ve given zero info on your system making it pretty hard for anyone to help. Add it to your signature so you don’t need to fill it out in every thread.