Cubase 7 does not recognise mic via apogee one


Cubase 7 does recognise the Agogee ONE but it seems not to see the connected external microphone. It says mic internal (and I can not select differently), does not record and in my headphones I only hear high-pitched static. I tried with the pre-installed Garageband to see if the ApogeeOne was wrongly installed but there all works fine.

Any ideas? THanx!!

Cubase7 first time user :confused:

you need to setup you ASIO connections in the “tab”>device setup >vst audio system and choose your soundcard ASio and buffer size

Already Did that, but no result. In VST connections it only seas the stereo input bus for the left, not the right… does that have anything to do with it

you need to click on the plus sign on you connections and assign the right input