Cubase 7 doesn't recognise EastWest PLAY as a VST

Hi guys,

I recently purchased a Mac, and believe I might be doing something wrong as I’m not used to this OS. Anyhow, I installed Eastwests PLAY, but it doesn’t show up within Cubase. I checked the “Library > Audio > Plugins > VST” folder, and PLAY is showing up there together with another plugin that I have installed. The other plugin (Aria Player) does show up within Cubase, but PLAY does not.

Anyone who could assist me with this? What could the problem be?

Thanks in advance!

I’m sorry for the trouble. What version and build of PLAY do you have installed? What is it a 32 bit or 64 bit version of the plugin? What Mac OS X are you on? What version and build of Cubase 7 do you have installed (Cubase menu, About)?