Cubase 7 & DP8

Not sure who is emulating who but where Cubase 7 has failed in terms of customizing and Window implementation, looks like DP8 got it right.
I linked the video right to the point:
DP8 Customizeable & Tabbed Windows

Not only do they have “themes” but you can do it realtime!
It’s 2013 and we still have to reboot Cubase to check the color? :cry:

That said, Since I am a Windows only user I have never tried DP8 but now that it is Windows compatible is it worth a try?
While there were a few things they show as “New” features that Cubase has done for sometime so for now I will definitely be staying w/Cubase.

I’m please with the quality and the fact that I was on Logic when it was PC and moved to Cubase and haven’t looked back so I am used to it.

But hopefully Steinberg/Yammy realize that there are a few platforms out there that have accomplished a few things that Cubase hasn’t been able to do.

ftr, I do like my C7. :nerd:

oh, on a sidenote. Other than Waves, is there a Plugin similar to this one?
DP8 Spatial Maximizer

also, I didn’t know if there is another forum this was supposed to go into. I searched and didn’t see anything. Besides, this is about C7 :slight_smile:

yeah actually i was ranting about MixConsole colors and its fixed colors .
was suggesting themes for it for user selection which would be great in my opinion.
but i see in 7.02 they have some customization of mixconsole colors/look ?. so hope that helps to ease on eyes and brain. :unamused:

the themes on DP8 looks great, a phase align tool is welcome too for cubase 7 :wink:

I think the customization is going to be putting back what they initially took out since 6.5.

Truth is, they are so far behing the curve now that I think they’d need a major update in order to get close to what DP8 just did.

could you tell me how deep the outboard midi editing goes on dp8 , is it as evolved as cubase ?

No I can’t. Do you know why I can’t? (Hint It’s in the OP)

But, you can have 20 FX Sends and 20 FX inserts… Perdy gool

Competition is good for the user. :mrgreen: Hard to say when the windows version of DP 8 will actually be released.

I have at various times really tried to like DP. But I do mostly MIDI…
With all due respect for the power and features available in DP 8, it’s MIDI functionality is more primitive, like in Pro Tools. To be sure, Performer was one of the best MIDI sequencers in it’s day, but not much has changed.

No cycle record for takes. You have to manually choose to record the next take.

No MIDI container (part) for the notes. Rather, the notes are displayed on a linear timeline grid. You have to set Snap to Bar, then select notes to make bar or multi-bar copies.

No MIDI mute or velocity tool.

You need to have the eyes of a deep water creature in order to read the tiny text and miniature velocity points.

In general, DP is a very mouse-click intensive program.

Themes are very cool.
DP’s automation draw and reshape tools are the best.
The newer plug-ins (MW EQ, MW Leveler, Dynamic Equalizer, Live Room G and B) are very cool.

If you mostly record and mix audio, DP is a fine choice. But so is Cubase. Cubase has a better audio editor.
Cubase has a much more equal balance of powerful audio and MIDI functionality compared to DP.

My 2¢

Just expressing my opinion in terms of the theme (no pun :wink: ) of this discussion. It’s amazing that so many people are concerned about how things look and what can be done to change them. I am referring to things like themes and such. It’s like people are more concerned and plays more with their software configuration rather than using it. I’ve never actually changed colors of anything available for configuration. I did use the track colors briefly but that wasn’t really helpful to me.

Instead of spending time griping about Cubase and such, why not simply switch over to DP8 (if that is the one that tickles your fancy) and see if things are in fact greener (pun)? I mean, life is too short to waste on a crusade of pixels and layout on a computer screen. Cubase was created for making music. Anyway, my point wasn’t really to diss people that wants these options, but to bring my observations to the table.

My point was that it doesn’t really matter what colors and such, as long as the tool is doing the job. Back in the day on the Atari, there was no worry about colors (monochrome monitor was the better choice) and it had a built-in MIDI interface. VERY convenient. :slight_smile: I believe that composing more efficient back then.

Check out Twelve, Pro 24 and Cubase on Atari. Not fancy, but very practical! :smiley:

Like a lot of people point out in these forums, it’s now 2013, and to me that means I should have to worry LESS about the tool itself and be able to the job better. If I am not content with the tool, it’s easy to switch to a different one. The tool is software and the software itself seem to have become the center of attention, not what it is used for.

I for one, think that Steinberg largely make good decisions in terms of their software. Sure I disagree with some things they do, but mostly it’s not a big deal. I have a lot of MIDI equipment and to me Cubase has been very good coordinating it all from the start. I also think they are providing a very strong case for the future with VST3 and additional abilities, such as Note Expression.

Well, that was my two cents.

Sorry, Electrobolt, but I disagree. My experience is that the Ui matters and it’s one of the reason why I’ve been using Cubase for years. The problem is that I have seen a lot of regressions in this department since Cubase 5.1, to a point that I don’t use C7 at its present state. I already listed the problems in different threads here. Just to name one, though, which is unacceptable to me : the disappearance of the documented (Operation manual, p.705) ‘Appearence/Work area’ page’ in the preferences settings…

Let’s see what future brings, but I am beginning to be more opened to a switch and DP8 is the higher on my list. The problem is that there is neither a manual visible online, nor a demo available. And at nearly 500 €, well, I am rather hesitating…

It’s not a ‘color’ question : it’s more about how much you feel at ease with the tool you are using. I am no more at ease with Cubase in its 7th version. Too much resources used, too much time loading a project (more than 2 times slower to load one, compared to 5.1.1), too much UI regressions : this is the combination that makes you consider a switch.

Makes me feel about a recent Neil Young song : 'He closes his eyes and says ‘‘That’s enough…’’

In my short try out of DP 7, which I bought and tried on a couple projects I found that changing themes was something I did once, to set it up. In Cubase I have fiddled with the colors, but have only had two configs, a dark and now light, so I wouldn’t say it’s too important. It’s nice to be able to change once in a while, but not crucial to the program.

I sold it, I prefer, and am more used to Cubase’s style of doing things. But a couple things really stood out. You can scrub midi, the metronome is infinitely configurable, and the windowing is great. Docking windows and single window interface, if that’s what you want, or windows all over the place if that’s what you like.

According to the 7.0.2 changes list we are getting midi scrubbing.

Cubase is not as good looking, but it does more. (with the exception of some post tools. DP is strong in that area.)

that’s my .0482 (cause a US penny costs .0241 to manufacture)

jftr, as I stated, I do love my C7.
My big issue right now is with the way Cubase handles windows. It’s been like this forever and there is no way in 43ll that it should in 2013.

The mere fact that we are even discussing DP8 should be a sign.
Yes, you’re correct. Colors maybe once or twice, a tweak here and there but this is 95% about our workspace functionality

Yes, musical functionality is the Main reason we stick w/Cubase as it should be the #1 reason to pick a DAW. You want it to work.
That said, when a program that is considered “Lacking” or “Subpar” does something like this, it should be a wake up call.

The fact that I can’t even GrooveAgent one in a session without spending 5 mins to set up my windows just to see stuff correctly is absolutely counterproductive!

There are a bunch of little instances of Cubase window issues trickled all over this site and throughout the internet to realize this is an issue.

The fact that a MAJOR Cubase release came and they have yet to address these issues makes one scratch their head and wonder if the users are just being bamboozled.

In almost every C7 release video Steinberg made a big stink about being able to resize the Mixer…
aykm? That’s your big accomplishment for handling the workspace?

Then a program that almost no one on here would think about gets the windows and desktop functionality exactly the way Cubase users have been clamoring for years about…

I will say it again, I love my C7 and won’t be switching any time soon but I’m not going to be content with something that still has an issue like this while other companies are getting it right. :nerd:


Elektrobolt you’ve got a nice point. Life is too short, so why care about the appearance of your girlfriend, she kisses you, she sleeps with you, so does it matter how she looks like?! :laughing:
Elton John has billions of hats and sunglasses, though he’s not a model and hats don’t alter his voice or composer talent…
Look at thousands guitar design variations, though many of them sounds the same. So why? Because everything is matter.
Nobody says that Cubase is a bad software, and as for me I’m not going to migrate to another DAW because of the mixer UI or whatever UI, but if other DAWs can offer better customization for their users, I wanna have it in Cubase too.


Just expressing my opinion in terms of the theme (no pun ) of this discussion. It’s amazing that so many people are concerned about how things look and what can be done to change them. I am referring to things like themes and such. It’s like people are more concerned and plays more with their software configuration rather than using it. I’ve never actually changed colors of anything available for configuration. I did use the track colors briefly but that wasn’t really helpful to me.

themes seems to be nice… not a must of course,but we need some color brightness etc… control over mixconsol not because its “cool”(well a little bit :wink: ) but because with DAWs we DO work with our eyes not less from our ears. if u have hard time configuring what is going on screen it is fatigues.

well as to DP8 i dont know anything about it, just liked the theme thing cuz i rememberd i was working on reaper and i didn’t like the colors. it was hard on my eyes, switch some themes, and walla, could work much easier.

Beware: The grass is greener…

I read somewhere that the Windows version of DP 8 runs well on current HP and Dell models. The great unknown is how it will function on the legions of custom built PCs made with variable components that could impact stability and performance :question: Consider how stringent Avid is about computers qualified to run PT.

The point is well taken about time spent making music vs. monkeying with the appearance of the GUI. But for me, appearance is a big deal to the extent that I have options to modify it (which is generally a dark gray background to make the touches of color stand out). I think it speaks to Steinberg’s understanding of musicians and the creative process to have included the Appearance preference option since version…?

While Themes are cool, there are limited options to otherwise modify them. The Appearance preference sliders on the other hand allow the user to fine-tune an infinite range of colors.

On a side note: I’m looking forward the release of C7.0.2 in a matter of hours…

0.0723. An inflationary increase of 1 cent. :mrgreen:

You definitely have a point with this. Workspaces are not enough to manage the situation.

I want the “option” to have a consolidated window with tabs or local menu buttons or whatever. Again, like with Appearance sliders, users can choose whether or not to use them.

I can speak to MIDI editing in Performer, it was what I started with in the 80’s. It is excellent. I wish some of it editing functions were available in C7.

Which ones?

Royal, why are you posting in bold?

I make the fonts smaller and bold only because It looks better on my monitor…is it distracting or something? Against the rules? :wink:

Harder to read here.

Back to e window thingie. If you are on PC you can use this keystroke ctrl+tab to go from one cubase window to another cubase window. May help you, may not and I know it doesn’t change the over UI.

Tom, would you inclined to give an idea if what performer MIDI tools or methods you liked that Cubase doesn’t have?