Cubase 7 Element to Cubase pro 8

I just bought a complete version of Cubase pro 8, (second hand/resale), and have received the elicenser USB key.

I have Cubase 7 element 64bit installed in my workstation now. So the big question is… What to do now?

  1. Uninstall C7element and install Cpro8?
  2. Install Cpro8 directely onto C7element?

If I go for uninstalling C7element. Will all my projects still be there?

Will my C7elements projects be compatible with Cpro8? (It´s a stock C7element installation I use).

Question about HALion (I know it´s the wrong place to ask, but maybe someone here know a quick/simple answer).

I bought HALion 5 as well, which is registred to the same elicenser USB key just as well as Cpro8.
The thing is… I can´t seem to find a workable download link for HALion 5.
The seller provided me with two links to 2 ISO files, one in 9.7GB and the other in 4.7GB in size.
But for some reason both links stop´s downloading (like theyre finished!?!?!) when they reach 2.097GB. And the ISO files are ofcouse not working.
Going to MySteingberg, I see the USB elicenser is registred to both Cpro8 and HALion 5, but I don´t see a download link for HALion 5, like I have for Cubase pro 8. Whats up with the HALion 5?


First, most importantly… Did the previous user unregistered the eLicenser and have you registered it? It sounds like you may have because you mention your MySteinberg but just want to be sure…
You can uninstall Elements and you projects will still be there. Or keep both versions installed if you want to use both. It might be helpful to keep Elements installed on that or another machine if you think you might travel with it since it doesn’t need the dongle.
Concerning HALion 5, you will probably need to contact support for the ISOs. I own it also and it is not available for download on my MySteinberg page either. Maybe they just haven’t gotten there with HALion yet. They just started doing the download page with C8.

Hi Jaslan and thx for your reply.

Last thing first. I found a link for HALion 5, (2 ISO files from steinberg) which is working. They´re listed in a thread in the VST instruments section at this forum.

Last night I installed Cubase pro 8 and HALion 5 without any problems, still having C7 Elements installed as well.
I did however chose the option to reinstall those things which was discovered as already installed during the installation. Worse case would be, that Element no longer is working correctly. But who cares, as long as C8pro is working :slight_smile:

As far as registrering, I honestly dont know. I registred the USB elicenser dongle in MySteinberg using the elicenser key, but beside that I have no idea what else to do. I can see that both C8pro and HAlion has been activated by the previous owner. But I dont know how or why I should reactivate them. Having the USB elicenser registred in Mysteinberg, I guess that should be enough for getting covered by support… Or am I wrong?


Everything sounds good. I just wasn’t sure if the dongle/licenses were still registered in the previous owner’s name or in your name. It sounds like you have it covered.