cubase 7 elements mixing tips

Hey guys was just fishing for some tips and advice on an upcoming mix I’m doing using Cubase 7 elements
For the first time. Basically the track is going to be a cover consisting of vocals, a rhythm acoustic guitar, some lead acoustic guitar and also piano using my addictive keys vst. Basically in my head I had a vision of vocals down the guts, piano slightly either side of the vocals followed by the rhythm acoustic guitar further out eg 50l and 50r and then solo guitar… Wherever it sounds good. So I’ve laid down the piano parts, and as this is my first time using any kind of vst I was after some advice on panning at the moment the stereo vst track is sitting in the middle and it seems to be interfering with the vox slightly, so what I wanted to do was pan it away from the center but also keep it even within the stereo feild… Any ideas on the best way to achieve this? Similar situation with the guitar, I’ve done two separate takes of the rhythm sections both recorded in mono and panned them about 50 50 each side but it still seems to be sitting too close to center… Even if I try hard panning them it still doesn’t seem quite right
Any ideas or advice would be great. Thanks

Does Elements have the Combined Panner? If I understand you correctly, that might be something you could try.

If so, it allows you alter the width/position of the stereo channel without affecting the balance between the 2 sides of the signal.

In full Cubase 7 you just access it by clicking on the panner field in the Mix Console which then allows you to select the desired panner. Not sure if Elements has it tho.

Hi thanks for the reply, ok I will give that a try tonight when I get home from work, thanks

Hi thanks for the reply, ok I will give that a try tonight when I get home from work, thanks