cubase 7 fails to launch

I post this as possible moral support to any new person maybe having the same issue. Keep in mind I’m a musician - not a computer guy. So even though this might turn out to be a minor problem, it still is a distraction from what I like to do. I am very new to Cubase. But even so, I have managed to record a few audio tracks and mixes that have been satisfactory. So far - so good.

A few weeks ago my studio computer locked up while I was in the cubase devices menu. At the time I was adding an external instrument to enable the use of a KORG M3 workstation as a MIDI device. I think trying to incorporate the KORG plug-in editor was the beginning of a major problem. Gradually the problem became worse and the computer locked during other cubase operations. And these were not minor glitches - these computer freezes would not allow recovery even with Windows Task Manager. I was forced to hit the power strip every time. Over a 3-4 week period I think I uninstalled and reinstalled all the software and drivers a half dozen times. Big mistake ya think? Now Cubase won’t initialize at all. So - the recording part of the studio is presently closed for business.

I have relayed this story to Steinberg support and have been trading email with one of the support engineers. When I eventually get it all fixed (and I will) the plan is to abandon MIDI completely until I get a bit “smarter.” When I do decide to experiment with MIDI again, I will not be using the M3. It has its own sound module and 16 channel sequencer and it makes acceptable audio for recording. For MIDI - I guess I’ll shop for another synth - something simple and compatible with cubase. I’ll close the loop on this with a future post.

It is now fixed. The problem was indeed the KORG M3 Plug-In Editor. I now know - that driver only works properly in a 32 bit environment. C7 is now re-installed and working. FYI. If you want to use a KORG M3 as a multi channel MIDI device, you must run the 32 bit version of Cubase along with the KORG Plug-In Editor. Its quite an effort to make it work. I don’t plan to pursue it any further.