Cubase 7 feels like home

I just have to take a break from making music to say, Cubase 7 feels like home. After working in Reason (since 2.5), Ableton Live (since v2), Logic (since 7), and even Pro Tools 10 for some collaboration work, I’ve found a place that feels like home.

Cubase isn’t perfect, but I can work with the imperfections. There is always stuff to make better, and stuff to fix, but Cubase 7 is in my opinion the most complete producers workshop and playground available.

Well done Steinberg :slight_smile:

+1! :sunglasses:

I’m sure the quirks will be worked out over time. This is, after all, a major update (considering the mixer at least).

couldn’t agree more and seeing the mixer on a dedicated 22" hd 1960x1080 monitor looks bloody marvellous .


I love it too, what a fine, creative piece of software

+1 !!!


I am investing in a Dell 27" 2560 x 1440 just so I can have a large as possible view of the new mixer … it’s really fantastic IMHO (and normally I don’t care about how things look just how they work)

The functionality of the new mixer is also fantastic.

I just noticed SB have released a Pro Remote Control App for IOS (and Andriod to follow) which also looks amazing.

Steinberg/ Yamaha are so far ahead of the competition now, it’s great times to be a SB user.

Cubase 7 is currently “the” class leading DAW.

[quote="Scab Pickens This is, after all, a major update (considering the mixer at least).[/quote]

All very nice and happy for you. :slight_smile:
Only thing is we usually run the mixer on a small screen and use the 1920x1080 for the Arrange window. Now the C7 mixer does not fit at all well on our 1440x990 monitor and even worse on the laptop [1366x768]. BTW have you tried using ‘Mix Console Rack Colours’ in the Preferences section? :neutral_face:

I love the new update. I agree there’s a lot of imperfections but the whole update in general takes things forward in leaps and bounds.

Good stuff…

Generalisations. :smiley:

Aloha guys,


C7 looks fantastic on my 27" iMac.

I haven’t found a better place to live musically.

Nothing wrong with a generalistaion when in general terms I’m being complimentary…

Not meaning to go off topic (I also love the look and feel of C7), but I’m interested to know if you’ve seen any kind of of statement from Steinberg confirming their intention to develop for Android?


I usually have the mixer on my MacBook Pro 1680x1050 screen and the arrange on my 27" Thunderbolt display at 2560x1440. Cubase 7 looks amazing. Makes other DAWs look and feel clunky :ugeek:

I used to think Logic had better plugins, but with Padshop and Retrologue, not to mention the Absolute VST Instrument Collection and Halion 4 (add ons, I know), I have to say Steinberg has an edge in a number of areas with instrument plugins, and these you can use in other DAWs, unlike the amazing ES2 wich is tied to Logic. Logic is definitely cheaper, but in my opinion Cubase is more powerful and far more comfortable.

I am so tired of companies bending over to put an i-something in their product. I don’t use apple products and am amazed at the lack of support for android…
I tend to stay away from those products.

That said (Don’t wanna derail) Cubase loos great enough for me to go back to utilizing 2 monitors I’m planning to get 2 monitors one of which will either be the 29" ultrawide (2560x1080) or the 30" dell .

Yea, there are quirks but all in all it’s stable. Not very user friendly in terms of moving forward but as previously stated, hopefully they’ll fix the issues.

I have been using logic for over 17 years now, switched to 7 and it feels like home. And the Ipad app is a treat, perfect controller ever!


Right on man! You rock! All the wonderful technology that lies out there but we are just goin to stay away from them due the “i” in their name. :laughing: just awesome dude!

Apogee just released some I powered products, namely the duet and one, bad idea…

Been dipping my toes in developing to expand my production to multimedia, and will say the general consensus among mobile developers that there isn’t a lot of money to be had in Android (at least nothing like on iOS). Piracy is a huge problem too. Furthermore, iOS is way ahead of the game in terms of the SDK being able to handle audio and specialty apps. Android is not quite there yet… So I would expect a big company like Steinberg would probably balk at risking investing big production dollars into a questionable market. Someday I’m sure it will happen… but for now if you want these types of apps, you need iOS. It’s not a “Steinberg” thing. There are tons of iOS-only apps, and it’s not due to discrimination against Android users.

Anyway. Back on topic. Cheers to C7. Looking forward to checking it out soon! (in the middle of projects at the moment)