Cubase 7 freezes my macbook pro

Hi all,

Since i updated from cubase 6.5 to cubase 7 my macbook pro (osx 10.8, dual core 2.8Ghz with 8Gb Ram) freezes. After every 5 minutes everything stops working and it takes around 3-5 seconds to come back again. It never happens with cubase 6.5 before. I’ve also reinstalled osx but the issue still occurs

Why happens it with cubase 7 but not with cubase 6.5? AudioGuard is activated.


Aloha D,
Here is one approach. Hard drive speed.

Is your internal hard drive speed @:
1-5400 rpm
2-7200 rpm

If 5400 I would say to bump it up
to 7200 or SSD speed


its 7200 rpm


Next step would be to turn off
‘AudioGuard’ and see if that make a diff.


Done, and still the same. Its not the hardware. The Audio Engine in Cubase 7 is crap! Cubase 6.5 works perfect! Hope Steinberg does something about it!

did you try with 7.0.2?


Yes???! We all have tried C 7.0.2. ???!!!

Aloha Z,
Is your Mac also ‘freezing’ using Cubase 7.0.2?