Cubase 7 freezes PC on startup....

My Cubase was running perfectly fine for the first couple of days…now when I start it up it freezes right after it loads…the Cubase window looks blank and I can’t click on anything on my PC…I can move the arrow but it wont even let me click into the Start menu and when I load the Task Manager it wont fully show up either…only a blank window and I still can’t click it…

Are you loading it so that it automatically starts to run an existing project. If there is a problem with the project file, that could jam up the load.


Has you license key come loose ?


You’ve somehow scrambled the .exe file - you might need a re-install if you have

nah…my license key is fine…I don’t have it load up running a project…and I tried to re-install it…same issue…I don’t get it…it was working fine for the first couple of days…it gets past all the initializing stuff…and the window comes up and is blank and grey…and I can’t click anything else on my PC…

have you installed any plugin’s , if so remove the ones you installed , if not start in Cubase safe mode and choice the option to suspend your preference’s and then see if it loads , if so then start safe mode again and choose , trash your preference’s /

I tried all of that and it stiill shows up blank but it has a smaller blank window as well…everything still freezes…


Got the same problem today, after installing Freecorder 7.0 -
Looks like Freecorder installs some sort of audio-drivers in order to fuction properly, and this causes Cubase to crash.
Uninstalled the program and Cubase works again. If you haven’t installed Freecorder, try to remove other recently installed programs.

I had exactly the same problem just now, definitely FREECORDER that does it, now uninstalled that and everything working fine again. Pity, it’s quite a useful program, may install on another machine.

Thanks for pointing that out!