Cubase 7 Freezes when opening Mix Console

Hi Folks
For some reason, out of the blue, Cubase 7 (7.07) has stopped loading on certain songs when it gets to the Mix Console part of its loading sequence. Not all songs, just a few (but important ones I’m working on for a client right now). Always at the same channels. My computer is fine and powerful enough easily to run all this stuff. I’m using Windows 7 Pro. Interestingly, just for the hell of it, I tried to load one of the projects in 6.5 just to see what would happen and the project stalled in the same place. In general it seems like Cubase struggles a little bit when it gets to loading the mix console on some of these projects. Could it have anything to do with using coloured tracks and video? I haven’t had time to go through the data base for this as I’m rushing out right now to work with this same client. Any ideas? Do I need to do a reinstall? Thanks, friends!

Rename the vstplugins folder/s and try loading…if this works it’s a specific plug.